We seek balance between the return potential of the portfolio and the risks inherent in individual stocks, industry selection, and the broader markets and economies.

Our goal is to try and minimize downside risk and limit volatility while maximizing investor opportunities.

This has fostered a defined, proprietary approach to investing and stock selection for Kettle Hill that:

Relies primarily on proprietary research.

Manages the positions based on achievements, change in thesis, stop-loss triggers, net-exposure management, and potential short-term trading opportunities​.

Attempts to identify stocks with potentially powerful, non-consensus catalysts including new product releases, changes in management, restructuring, mergers or acquisitions, IPOs, liquidity events, and other economic or industry dynamics.

Evaluates the risk-reward opportunity of portfolio ideas, targeting ideas with potential 50% upside and 10% downside characteristics within the appropriate time horizons.

Initializes investment theses with price targets determined by internal financial models.

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